I recognise that financial and product support needs to be of mutual gain to both parties and endeavour to make sure that I promote those who have assist me whenever possible. As a professional athlete, to be associated with a particular product or company carries a responsibility and a return on their investment.  I recognise the value of exposure of a product or a company goes beyond the appearance of a label on an item of clothing, packaging or merchandise - it also relies on reputation, advertising media and endorsement.

I am committed to competing successfully at world-class level and work hard to ensure that my team and personal sponsors and partners see return on their investment. If you would like to contact me regarding developing a partnership together, please do so via my contact form.


Personal Sponsors:

Rob Holden Photography

Rob Holden Photography is thrilled to be playing an active role in delivering imagery to Corinne, her key partners and sponsors and we are proud to be part of the team working with Corinne. Through our imagery we showcase and maximise return for other sponsors' investment in Corinne and the sport of triathlon. 


Drummond Clinic

The clinic comprises a specialist team of highly qulified therapists in the fields of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, nutrition and fitness, along with a specialism in the body management for elite athletes.  We believe in specialist physiotherapy for all, and that everyone has the right to move well.