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Welcome to 2016 (19.01.16)

Happy New Year aaaand welcome back! I've just returned from two weeks in Gran Canaria at Sutto-Camp. It was a relaxing Christamas and New Year; I downed tools after Cozumel and while I was contemplating racing at 70.3 Dubai, I consciously put the decision on the back burner in order to chill out and enjoy the festivities and some time with Rob.

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Team Training Camp Lanzarote (16.01.15)

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UK, Mallorca & Lanza Training (11.05.14)

Ironman Lanzarote. Looming large on my horizon and now only six days away. It's not surprising then that I find myself with a bit of free time on my hands and the cognitive capacity to string more than 140 characters together.

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Training in Antequera - Spain (12.10.12)

What an epic week it's been. Eight days (it was a long week!) of swimming, cycling and running in Antequera - Spain. Throw in some toasty temperatures, a large dose of hills, and stunning scenary, and we have ourselves some very solid training under the belt. The week was mainly biking (~26h), with some maintenance and strength runs on trail (just short of 80km), and technical swim sessions to balance it out...

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Gran Canarias Again! (01.03.11)

I’m just flying back from my second week of warm weather training. Yes, aren’t I the lucky one! It’s been a fabulous week training and weather wise, warm (22-32 degrees C) not too windy and no rain….. the municipal swimming pool has warmed up a couple of degrees and I was able to knock out 4.2km before turning blue, that’s +2.5km from Feb, happy days!

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Gran Canaria Training (26.01.11)

So I am now on my way back from Gran Canaria. It has been gorgeously sunny and as we were leaving, the weather was deteriorating with showers and gusts that were blowing me about all over the road. Time to call it a day and head back to the UK (where presumably I can also get blown around the roads….). The cycling has been fantastic and I have climbed hills that I bear absolutely no resemblance to those in the Chilterns!

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