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Christmas Week (19.12.11)

Jingly songs and carols on the radio, we've had some snow, sprouts and satsumas feature in the grocery basket and there is a Norway spruce in the living room. It must be CHRISTMAS! Woo-hoo!

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What's going on? (16.11.11)

Crikey, it has been nearly a month since the last blog. What on EARTH have I been doing with the time - it has just flown by. End of season or in the quiet week after a race I always have a long list of great intentions of "getting stuff done", however I think that I am quite possibly the worlds best at not ever getting to the bottom of that list. It has been quite a busy month. Lots of things still on the list, but a number of exciting critical developments and changes to my business of being a triathlete.

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Antwerp Race Report (25.07.11)

A rather factual and number crunching race report with some reflections thrown in for good measure. Photos to follow.

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Stories behind my Partners & Sponsors Part 5: Trigirl (14.05.11)

You know that feeling, when you’ve got a long ride scheduled and you can’t find your most comfortable shorts? Yes indeed. We want to enjoy the ride, we don’t want to be distracted by our derriere throughout the day, and nor do we want to have any painful recollections of it over the following days….you know what I mean! Cut to race day... All that training, preparing for the performance of the year… and all you can think about is the rubbing of a seam on your skin, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing it raw. We know, the right kit is VERY important.

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Metric Iron Man (04.05.11)

Swim 2.4km, Bike 112km, Run 26km. Ironman numbers but in kilometres and not miles.... see what we did there? In the build up to your chosen full-on long distance triathlon, most of us will try and do a number of shorter preparation events to get ourselves race-ready. Sometimes however, this is just is not practical or possible and so there are a number of ways in which you can mock up your own event at a time and place that is convenient for you.

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