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Austin to Cozumel (18.11.15)

Flights are good opportunities for blogging. Fact. I'm on my way to Cozumel from Austin Tx. where of course I did the 70.3 and ran myself into 3rd place on the podium. End blog. (Just kidding. Please read on...)

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Yesterday's News - IM Texas Race Report (06.06.15) 11k it was time to try and get some water from the aid station, first of all I choked on it (nice) then slowed to a walk to try and actually get some down my throat, whereupon my legs bucked from underneath me. Quite weird and not at all what I'd been expecting - I was just anticpating a bit of normal walking action...

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Between Texas & 70.3 UK (11.06.12)

And POW! Back into training! Springboarding out of recovery from IM Texas and back into training for 70.3 UK and IM Frankfurt. No rest for the wicked.... In a couple of days time I'm going to head down to Exmoor National Park and go through my final preparations for 70.3 UK this weekend. British weather being what it is, I'll be packing pretty much every bit of kit I own for every climatic eventuality, booties, hat, gloves, sunscreen and mackintosh, I'll be ready.

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Grab a Coffee (& possibly a tea cake); Texas Review (23.05.12)

Ok, so maybe I pushed the Watts a little higher than my coach had advised, but my HR was low and my body was willing - so it fitted in with his advise “footnotes”! And not that I needed it, but I had a not so subtle reminder about sticking to the hydration and fueling strategy from an age group male athlete who was cycling in front of me (10m of course!) who vomited three times (left, right, left, still pedalling...) Perhaps it was Karma for him dropping his last three gel wrappers on the road…

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Race #2: Ironman Texas (21.05.12)

Well incase you haven't already read it on my twitter or facebook page, communications media from tri247 and beyondgoinglong websites, the Sigma Sport, Drummond Clinic, St. Mary's University, Sailfish or Physfarm (see what I did there?); I've placed 4th female at Ironman Texas. Which I might add, I am chuffed to bits with.

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From Austin to Woodlands (09.05.12)

If I'm honest, I was more than just an eeny weeny bit sad to be leaving Austin. I'd sussed out some running and riding routes, pool times and coffee shops, and I'd settled into a good training routine.... But now I'm in the Woodlands for the final couple of weeks build up to Ironman Texas and finding familiarity in the bike and run routes here...

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For the Love of Bikes (08.05.12)

Could you do the big hill and not use the brakes? Could you cycle with no hands? I even attempted to cycle with my eyes closed to see how long I could hold out for. Then there is the sensation of coasting, freewheeling and kicking your feet off the pedals and holding them straight knee'd out to the sides...

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Longhorn 10k 

Well, since the last blog, I've seen a giant snake (think anaconda size, slithering across the road.. no really...), I've seen Zebra (I was assured they were native but I suspect not...) and the house of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Oh, and topless lady in Barton Springs swimming lake and dude in a g-string. The sights to behold while training in and around Austin Tx.

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