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Latest Scandal (18.02.13)

How lucky am I? It is two days until I climb aboard the boat bound for Melbourne. Ok, so it is a plane, the first of three that will see me arrive on Antipodean shores by Friday. Leaving the -5* and snow forecast here in France for a roasty toasty (+)28* sunshine. I tell you, it's been a while since I rode my bike outside and I can't wait!

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Christmas Week (19.12.11)

Jingly songs and carols on the radio, we've had some snow, sprouts and satsumas feature in the grocery basket and there is a Norway spruce in the living room. It must be CHRISTMAS! Woo-hoo!

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What's going on? (16.11.11)

Crikey, it has been nearly a month since the last blog. What on EARTH have I been doing with the time - it has just flown by. End of season or in the quiet week after a race I always have a long list of great intentions of "getting stuff done", however I think that I am quite possibly the worlds best at not ever getting to the bottom of that list. It has been quite a busy month. Lots of things still on the list, but a number of exciting critical developments and changes to my business of being a triathlete.

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Gran Canarias Again! (01.03.11)

I’m just flying back from my second week of warm weather training. Yes, aren’t I the lucky one! It’s been a fabulous week training and weather wise, warm (22-32 degrees C) not too windy and no rain….. the municipal swimming pool has warmed up a couple of degrees and I was able to knock out 4.2km before turning blue, that’s +2.5km from Feb, happy days!

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Stories behind my Partners & Sponsors - St Mary's University College (07.02.11)

So how is it that I have a partnership arrangement with an academic institution? Not your normal kind of sponsor or supporting partner one might think and how did we come to work together?

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