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Hashtag Tacx Experience (04.07.15)

I stepped into the world of Tacx for the weekend and found that TacxExpereince isn't just a hashtag for twitter and instagram. It really does reflect the founding and practicing principles of the company.

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Team Training Camp Lanzarote (16.01.15)

Photos, Dr, Swim, Physio, Interviews, Yoga, Stretching, Massage, Lululemon, BMC, Giro, Running, Tri247, Etixx, Lava, Movies, Triathlete World, Bike, Triathlete mag, Shimano, Slowtwitch and Pearl Izumi. All in a Uplace-BMC two week training camp.

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Latest Scandal (18.02.13)

How lucky am I? It is two days until I climb aboard the boat bound for Melbourne. Ok, so it is a plane, the first of three that will see me arrive on Antipodean shores by Friday. Leaving the -5* and snow forecast here in France for a roasty toasty (+)28* sunshine. I tell you, it's been a while since I rode my bike outside and I can't wait!

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Cross Country Season (28.01.13)

Eeesh! It's been a while since I raced anything as short as a 5k and it's been even longer since I raced anything remotely resembling a cross country. High School memories of being frigidly cold and of course it was raining, it was Wales. And now I find myself back wearing spikes for the first time in 20 years...

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The Sponsorship Game (11.12.12)

How do we get sponsorship? How does it work? What are the rules of the game? How do I get a Starter-for-Ten or a Free-Throw bonus? How do I avoid the dreaded Park-Bench or Throw-A-Double pitfalls?

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From France to Spain (01.10.12)

You know it is going to be a fun day when your internet at home is not working and you find yourself at the local supermarket to use their wi-fi... So the low down on living in France for the past four weeks...

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The business of being a triathlete (6.08.12)

Dear World Triathlon Cooperation, Thank you for notifying me of qualification for the World Championships 2012. However, while this is a great opportunity, it is not a financially viable option for me to race at Kona and does not fit with my longer term aspirations as a triathlete. Please pass the qualification place on to the next deserving athlete. With kind regards, Corinne Abraham

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Race #4: IM European Champs. Frankfurt (08.07.12)

At one point I could hear the media helicopter up above - not presuming it was for me but I still wanted to look up and wave, surely that's just instinct? I've not been in or around many helicopters and when one flies close above you it's pretty exciting and want to take a look right?.... Running up the finishing chute was pretty amazing and once I'd crossed the line they then sent me back to run up it again! So I skipped and jumped about like an idiot making the most of it.

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