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Latest Scandal (18.02.13)

How lucky am I? It is two days until I climb aboard the boat bound for Melbourne. Ok, so it is a plane, the first of three that will see me arrive on Antipodean shores by Friday. Leaving the -5* and snow forecast here in France for a roasty toasty (+)28* sunshine. I tell you, it's been a while since I rode my bike outside and I can't wait!

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Cracking on with August (23.08.2012)

I have new goals in the form of 70.3 Miami at the end of October and IM Arizona in November and training is being tailored accordingly. Crack on! No time to waste, no time to faff, make the most of the time between now and then to try and ensure that I have an awesome race to round the year off!

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Race #4: IM European Champs. Frankfurt (08.07.12)

At one point I could hear the media helicopter up above - not presuming it was for me but I still wanted to look up and wave, surely that's just instinct? I've not been in or around many helicopters and when one flies close above you it's pretty exciting and want to take a look right?.... Running up the finishing chute was pretty amazing and once I'd crossed the line they then sent me back to run up it again! So I skipped and jumped about like an idiot making the most of it.

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Race #3: 70.3 UK (18.06.12)

I can start by saying that I think the reputation of 70.3 as a tough course is justified. Had the race been on Saturday when it was hoofing it down with rain and the wind was gusting - it would have been even tougher! But we were lucky, the clouds blew away, the wind dropped and the sun even came out for a little while. So we all had to head to Exmoor prepared for anything, just your typical British weather and racing conditions - unpredictable!

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Me & My Trek Speed Concept (15.06.12)

Oooh! Isn't it a lovely bike? Just look at it, it's a visual delight. Trek Speed Concept and I have been getting acquainted and are going into our first race together on Sunday at 70.3 UK in Exmoor. Some have called the course lumpy, some have called it brutal, some just take it for what it is!

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Race #1 of the season: Galveston 70.3 (02.04.12)

It's been a while since I stood on the start line - or rather floated on my belly, feet up and sculling, staring into the rising sun and waiting for the starting gun. Ok, so it was cloudy but a little artistic license should be allowed. It could have been sunny; I am Texas after all. The build up to the race was great - firstly, who doesn't want to race with (against?) Lance Armstrong? And secondly, being a US championship race, the field was stacked.

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New Sponsors! (23.03.12)

Of course it's always fantastic to be able to link up with a new supporting partner or sponsor, and this month it is doubly exciting in that I am able to confirm sponsorship with both Sigma Sport and Sailfish. That calm and unassuming typed sentence does NOTHING to convey how excited I am!

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