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Cross Country Season (28.01.13)

Eeesh! It's been a while since I raced anything as short as a 5k and it's been even longer since I raced anything remotely resembling a cross country. High School memories of being frigidly cold and of course it was raining, it was Wales. And now I find myself back wearing spikes for the first time in 20 years...

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Race #5: 70.3 Miami (31.10.12)

In a nutshell: Overall: Good. Swim: Not so good. Bike: Few choice words at police officer (apologies for), great biking legs, massive power PB. Run: Legs blowing into each other, best (female) course split by 4min. 5th place female pro. Well done legs. Whoop!

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Longhorn 10k 

Well, since the last blog, I've seen a giant snake (think anaconda size, slithering across the road.. no really...), I've seen Zebra (I was assured they were native but I suspect not...) and the house of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Oh, and topless lady in Barton Springs swimming lake and dude in a g-string. The sights to behold while training in and around Austin Tx.

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Sun on my back. Wind in my face. (13.04.12)

Been to the States? Familiar with the grid system? Roads that essentially just go straight until they intersect with something else; like another road, or a river, or the Rockies..... The tarmac is starting to get worse and there are now potholes. This is not ideal but it could be worse. It gets worse. Gravel, bigger crater like pot holes and dogs. Dogs bred for defending property from S2 riding females.

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Hillingdon & Finchley 20 (16.03.12)

Hola! It was good to get rid of my sniffles as quickly as I did, and there were a few positives to come from missing out on racing the half marathon. It served as a timely reminder that I need to keep ontop of hydration (curbing that coffee impulse where necessary!) and nutrition - most importantly my iron intake. So on to frying the bigger fish.

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Non-Race-Races (29.11.11)

Nearly December. Crikey Riley. I've done a couple of non-race-races recently, first was a sportive around Devil's Punchbowl in Surrey. Well it was named the Devil's Punchbowl but it didn't actually go past any of the view points of the geological feature and so on finishing the ride I did feel slightly robbed! Next up was Bath Hilly Half marathon which was a trail run in and around Landsdown racecourse which was STUNNING in terms of the scenary and pretty brutal in terms of the gradients!

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10 Technical Corrections (19.10.11)

Firstly I need to explain that I’m a fighter. I don’t mean this in the sense of ‘not giving up’ or of the ninja variety (*see below), I mean that I look like I’m battling my way though the swim, bike and run, even though I might be doing quite an easy session or feeling quite relaxed. I look tense; I look like I’m using brute force to barge my way through the race. Although it does me ok (!) it’s not particularly efficient and my first 3 technical corrections relate to trying to “relax” more in each discipline.

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Bramley 20 mile (20.02.11)

Good running weather, lovely course, great marshalling and a great morning spent picking up some miles on the feet. With it being the build up to London Marathon, the local events are all busy at this time of year and you need to make sure that you enter early to avoid disappointment!

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