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New Sponsors! (23.03.12)

Of course it's always fantastic to be able to link up with a new supporting partner or sponsor, and this month it is doubly exciting in that I am able to confirm sponsorship with both Sigma Sport and Sailfish. That calm and unassuming typed sentence does NOTHING to convey how excited I am!

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February Happenings (23.02.12)

Here we are, pancake day has been and gone and we are fast (sorry, no pun intended) heading for Easter. For me, January and February have been all about consistent training and solid sessions. This was all going wonderfully well until the weekend just gone, where we'd lined up to run a cheeky half marathon.

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Christmas Week (19.12.11)

Jingly songs and carols on the radio, we've had some snow, sprouts and satsumas feature in the grocery basket and there is a Norway spruce in the living room. It must be CHRISTMAS! Woo-hoo!

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What's going on? (16.11.11)

Crikey, it has been nearly a month since the last blog. What on EARTH have I been doing with the time - it has just flown by. End of season or in the quiet week after a race I always have a long list of great intentions of "getting stuff done", however I think that I am quite possibly the worlds best at not ever getting to the bottom of that list. It has been quite a busy month. Lots of things still on the list, but a number of exciting critical developments and changes to my business of being a triathlete.

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Stories behind my sponsors part 4: Primera-TBCUK (25.04.11)

For most triathletes the time-trial bike is a big-ticket item. We take great pride in our bikes, making sure that they are in good mechanical order and looking fit for purpose (i.e. like we mean business!)Towards the end of last year when I made the decision to make the transition from age-group athlete to professional, the obvious chink in my equipment armory was a time trial bike.

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Stories behind my sponsors part 3: Mailsports Swimwear Specialist (11.04.11)

Sometimes, you never know where you might meet someone. I don’t mean to sound like a citation out of women’s weekly. But it’s true, you can meet people anywhere and if you are a tri-athlete, the chances are you are going to meet people at the pool, the bike shop, running routes or races, the gym, sportives, timetrials etc. Alan (the manager of Mailsports) and I met at our local pool one Sunday evening...

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Stories Behind my Sponsors Part 2: Hammer Nutrition (15.03.11)

It is probably safe to say that most ironman athletes are careful to the point of being fastidious about their nutrition. Yet with so many products on the market - how do we find the one that suits us best? The sheer volume and intensity of training demands that we look after our bodies if we want to get the most out of our sessions and perform under race conditions. However a comment that I’m sure many athletes will be familiar with is “well surely with all the training you do, you can eat what you like”?

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Stories behind my Partners & Sponsors - St Mary's University College (07.02.11)

So how is it that I have a partnership arrangement with an academic institution? Not your normal kind of sponsor or supporting partner one might think and how did we come to work together?

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