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IM France (24.07.18)

Ironman France was something of a bucket-list race for me. The course has changed since the original 1982 Nice Triathlon (won 10x by Mark Allen) but originally the event was THE race in the calendar alongside Kona in terms of stature and prestige. Races like Nice exist and continue over the years because of the passion that people have for the sport and I wanted to experience the event for myself.

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IM Austria (05.07.17)

11 weeks, 2xIM, 3x70.3 and 1x Oly distance races. It's been a very busy and thouroughly enjoyable 3 months of training and racing in Europe. IM Austria was another step in the right direction of getting stronger and faster through the season and it was a truly memorable experience in terms of racing the Pewag Team's 'home' race. Grab a cupper & a snack, I've got a lot to say about Austria!

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Resurrecting the blog (01.01.17)

Strictly speaking I didn't resurrect it on the 1st of January but my sensibilities felt the need for something of a segue between April last year and present date.

I'll pick up with a summary post IM Cozumel and recent work with the Drummond Clinic.  

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