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St Moritz & 70.3 Luxembourg (23.06.17)

Here we have a bit of a training update from St Moritz, a brief reflection on 70.3 Luxembourg and a look forward to the next race at Klagenfurt in Austria...

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Challenge Lisboa Half (08.05.17)

Race #3 was Challenge half Lisboa and I felt like there were some signs of fitness returning, mostly on the bike. I finished 6th which is sort of neither here nor there really compared to where I'd expect or like to be when fit-fit, but that's not where I am right now, so I'll not be beating myself up about that. I've had a chat with the ego, and she's adjusted accordingly...

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Drummond Clinic Update (10.03.17)

A re-post of the blog update that I wrote for the Drummond Clinic newsletter. Including: Elastic band exercises, standing on one leg, lifting heavy(ish) things and putting them down again, a training camp interlude and training to train.

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Wrapping up 2016 & Kicking off 2017

I was really happy to put together a good day in IM Cozumel at the end of November... Post race it has been a case of making sure that I recover FULLY & ensuring that the return to training is on a solid base...

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Resurrecting the blog (01.01.17)

Strictly speaking I didn't resurrect it on the 1st of January but my sensibilities felt the need for something of a segue between April last year and present date.

I'll pick up with a summary post IM Cozumel and recent work with the Drummond Clinic.  

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Austin to Cozumel (18.11.15)

Flights are good opportunities for blogging. Fact. I'm on my way to Cozumel from Austin Tx. where of course I did the 70.3 and ran myself into 3rd place on the podium. End blog. (Just kidding. Please read on...)

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Relentlessly optimistically positive  (12.02.14)

Now don't get me wrong, it is my understanding that we need to have positivity in order to cancel out the negativity. The negativity that should be shot. Put in a bag and thrown in the glacial river. Covered in jam and left infront of the wasps nest. Zapped. Kerpow'd. And generally vapourised out of existence. But what if there was a third option...?

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Race #4: IM European Champs. Frankfurt (08.07.12)

At one point I could hear the media helicopter up above - not presuming it was for me but I still wanted to look up and wave, surely that's just instinct? I've not been in or around many helicopters and when one flies close above you it's pretty exciting and want to take a look right?.... Running up the finishing chute was pretty amazing and once I'd crossed the line they then sent me back to run up it again! So I skipped and jumped about like an idiot making the most of it.

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