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Wrapping up 2016 & Kicking off 2017

I was really happy to put together a good day in IM Cozumel at the end of November... Post race it has been a case of making sure that I recover FULLY & ensuring that the return to training is on a solid base...

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Resurrecting the blog (01.01.17)

Strictly speaking I didn't resurrect it on the 1st of January but my sensibilities felt the need for something of a segue between April last year and present date.

I'll pick up with a summary post IM Cozumel and recent work with the Drummond Clinic.  

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Endless Summer (14.12.15)

Race report from Cozumel, but race reviews / interviews available from & trs so I'll try and keep it brief and not repeat everything already written there...

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Austin to Cozumel (18.11.15)

Flights are good opportunities for blogging. Fact. I'm on my way to Cozumel from Austin Tx. where of course I did the 70.3 and ran myself into 3rd place on the podium. End blog. (Just kidding. Please read on...)

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