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Camping & 70.3 Dubai (12.02.16)

We are six weeks into 2016 and training is well underway. I launched into the year with two weeks in Gran Canaria, then a week in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the Ironman 70.3 / first of the Triple Crown series, and since I've been camping out with the Pewag Racing Team guys in Lanzarote. It's not been a bad way to start the year...

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Welcome to 2016 (19.01.16)

Happy New Year aaaand welcome back! I've just returned from two weeks in Gran Canaria at Sutto-Camp. It was a relaxing Christamas and New Year; I downed tools after Cozumel and while I was contemplating racing at 70.3 Dubai, I consciously put the decision on the back burner in order to chill out and enjoy the festivities and some time with Rob.

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Endless Summer (14.12.15)

Race report from Cozumel, but race reviews / interviews available from & trs so I'll try and keep it brief and not repeat everything already written there...

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Austin to Cozumel (18.11.15)

Flights are good opportunities for blogging. Fact. I'm on my way to Cozumel from Austin Tx. where of course I did the 70.3 and ran myself into 3rd place on the podium. End blog. (Just kidding. Please read on...)

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Gwlad - Gwlad! 🎶🎶 (08.10.15)

Well, it is Rugby World Cup and Wales are still playing (at time of writing) so I thought I'd open with a bit of our national anthem. Has ever a stadium sounded more magnificent than when the Welsh rugby crowd get singing?. Meanwhile, back in triathlon world...

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No Cozza at Kona (17.09.15)

The writing was on the wall nearly two weeks ago, and even though I knew it myself I wasn't really prepared to tweet and blog about it. But it is clear, I'll not be racing in Kona this year.

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Best foot forward (08.09.15)

Where to begin? It's been a fairly rotten fortnight, but when all is said and done, I'm not long term sick, nobody died and as far as I'm aware, the apocalypse is not forecasted for tomorrow. Therefore as a preamble, it's really not all that bad. It's just a bit heinous.

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Hashtag Tacx Experience (04.07.15)

I stepped into the world of Tacx for the weekend and found that TacxExpereince isn't just a hashtag for twitter and instagram. It really does reflect the founding and practicing principles of the company.

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