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St Moritz & 70.3 Luxembourg (23.06.17)

Here we have a bit of a training update from St Moritz, a brief reflection on 70.3 Luxembourg and a look forward to the next race at Klagenfurt in Austria...

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IM Lanzarote (31.05.17)

A podium finish - yay! A big thanks to everyone who is supportive of my triathlon endeavours. Seeing me finish 6th or 9th leaves some wondering how I'm doing... rest assured I'm in a good place and I know that there is genuine and personal support there regardless of whether I win, lose, or am 1st loser ;) The race you say? I think that it was about a B/B+ kind of performance. A moderate swim, a less than moderate bike, and the run managed to be the redeeming feature...

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Challenge Lisboa Half (08.05.17)

Race #3 was Challenge half Lisboa and I felt like there were some signs of fitness returning, mostly on the bike. I finished 6th which is sort of neither here nor there really compared to where I'd expect or like to be when fit-fit, but that's not where I am right now, so I'll not be beating myself up about that. I've had a chat with the ego, and she's adjusted accordingly...

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Challenge Gran Canaria Half (23.04.17)

Oof, 9th... I've got a bunch excuses... but they mean nothing. Drilling down I'm not fit yet and a race with handy competitors is always going to show the true picture. Excuses and performance aside, this was planned as a training race ...I'm keeping the eyes looking forward and the mind on the goals further down the road...

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Drummond Clinic Update (10.03.17)

A re-post of the blog update that I wrote for the Drummond Clinic newsletter. Including: Elastic band exercises, standing on one leg, lifting heavy(ish) things and putting them down again, a training camp interlude and training to train.

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Wrapping up 2016 & Kicking off 2017

I was really happy to put together a good day in IM Cozumel at the end of November... Post race it has been a case of making sure that I recover FULLY & ensuring that the return to training is on a solid base...

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Resurrecting the blog (01.01.17)

Strictly speaking I didn't resurrect it on the 1st of January but my sensibilities felt the need for something of a segue between April last year and present date.

I'll pick up with a summary post IM Cozumel and recent work with the Drummond Clinic.  

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IM South Africa. Or Not. (04.04.16)

I've made the decision to not race at IM South Africa this coming weekend (10.04.16) but rather focus on a more extensive block of training and race later in the season.

Stay Tuned!