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Wokingham 1/2 and TCR Show (14.02.11)

Busy weekend!Well, not quite correct I suppose, most of Saturday was spent having a clear out, listing stuff on e-bay and choosing paint for the living room - hardly taxing! Slightly more interesting and fun though was my first "race" of the season at Wokingham Half Marathon and a trip to Sandown Park afterward to the Triathlon, Cycling, Running Show....

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Stories behind my Partners & Sponsors - St Mary's University College (07.02.11)

So how is it that I have a partnership arrangement with an academic institution? Not your normal kind of sponsor or supporting partner one might think and how did we come to work together?

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Gran Canaria Training (26.01.11)

So I am now on my way back from Gran Canaria. It has been gorgeously sunny and as we were leaving, the weather was deteriorating with showers and gusts that were blowing me about all over the road. Time to call it a day and head back to the UK (where presumably I can also get blown around the roads….). The cycling has been fantastic and I have climbed hills that I bear absolutely no resemblance to those in the Chilterns!

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Blogging Thoughts (14.01.11)

So it has been a while since I last blogged - Hawaii in fact. That doesn't mean that I haven't been writing down my thoughts - it just means that while my website has been quietly developing in the background, my thoughts, ratings and ramblings have not had any where to publish themselves. But here we are - the website is almost there and my thoughts and experiences are here for you to read about should you wish to.

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IronMan Hawaii Race Report (11.10.10)

IronMan Kona has lived up to everything that people said it would be. I must admit that perhaps I thought that there was a little bit of hype about the race and that perhaps some of the reports were a teeny-weeny bit dramatised, but no. I can see how some people have the toughest race experience of their lives out here...

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Final Race Day Prep. (07.10.10)

Feet up. Strictly no unnecessary wandering around today - I'm sat on the balcony of the apartment, surrounded by everything that I might need for the next hour of being stationary. Magazine, book, carbo' drink, (Hammer Nutrition - Perpetuem, if you like that kind of information), laptop and phone. The breeze is keeping me cool and there is the sound of waves braking on the shore in the background. I'll want for nothing and will be stationary for much of the day. I know that some athletes can find the day before a big race tedious but I seem to be managing just fine so far!

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Start of the Count Down (03.10.10)

I've started my count down. I don't know when others start theirs but mine has begun - I find myself thinking things like "last long run", "last brick session", "last long swim intervals set" etcetera. Being a newbie to triathlon and to Kona, I really have very little idea as to what others are up to but there still seem to be lots of folk running hard and cycling the distance. Each to their own.... this seems to be turning into my pre race (and race?) mantra! I've chatted to a few other athletes who have been out here before and it would seem that no one really knows what anyone else is doing in the build up - or if they do they are not telling. Still, each to their own!

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The Big Island of Hawaii (29.09.10)

So this is my second day on the island. Having flown in on Tuesday evening I am pretty much over the jet lag now in that I am sleepy at 9.30pm and awake at 6am - pretty much on a par with my normal daily routine at home. I am sharing an apartment with a professional athlete and considering that we didn't know each other before we came out here, thankfully things seem to be working out pretty well!

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