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Stories behind my Partners & Sponsors Part 5: Trigirl (14.05.11)

You know that feeling, when you’ve got a long ride scheduled and you can’t find your most comfortable shorts?  Yes indeed. We want to enjoy the ride, we don’t want to be distracted by our derriere throughout the day, and nor do we want to have any painful recollections of it over the following days….you know what I mean! Cut to race day... All that training, preparing for the performance of the year… and all you can think about is the rubbing of a seam on your skin, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing it raw.

We know, the right kit is VERY important.

Trigirl contacted me directly through my website and asked if I would like to race in their kit. My initial response was obviously “Woo-hoo! Sounds like a great offer!” And my second response was “I REALLY hope that it is comfortable”.  As you might have gathered, I do find the kit comfortable – very comfortable, 9-10hrs racing comfortable, long rides on the weekend comfortable, track night comfortable, long run comfortable. Get the idea? Functionality is a key design feature of the clothing range and when you wear it, this is more than evident.

Trigirl (as the name suggests) is a range of triathlon and run specific clothing… for women. At last! Kit that is not defined as being “for girls” because it is pink or purple or has some other pastel colour to identify its femininity (nothing wrong with pastels of course – just not always my thing). The stylish kit has colour, cut, and the fabric technology has research and science behind it. 

Honestly? I put my Triumph Tankini on and I feel glamorous – not red carpet stuff of course but I don’t feel like I’m in my perpetual uniform of “training wear”. I feel like I’ve made a positive clothing choice rather than pulling something random (and probably black) out of the draw, and once it’s on, I feel like I look the part – I look like an athlete, but still a girl!

Personally, I am not prepared to compromise my days, weeks and months of training, or race day performance by wearing kit that is ill fitting or does not have the fabric technology to assist me. 

And the fact that it looks stylish and makes me feels good?

That is the icing on the cake!

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