I am a long distance triathlete and competitive at a world class level.  As a member of the UPlace-BMC Professional Triathlon team, I've travelled a long way from wanting to achieve a "reasonable time" in my first long distance triathlon event in August 2010 and my goals and aspirations in the sport are continually shifting.  

Prior to training full time, I competed and participated in a variety of sports from club through to national standard. Notably, throughout my teens I was regularly training with the Welsh Judo squad and without doubt, my early years of participation and success in competitive judo established a discipline for training and a focus that enables me to excel in a competitive environment.

While establishing my career in academia I had success in a variety of sports, but my introduction to endurance events was in 2009 as part of a team competing in the Race Across America. - a single stage (+3000mile / 4800km) bike race from the West to East coasts of the United States.

My first Ironman event was at IM Regensburg (Germany) in 2010 where I placed as 1st female non professional athlete and 3rd female overall. This qualified me to race at the world championships in Kona that year, and shortly after I applied for my professional licence with the World Triathlon Cooperation.  

Results of my consistent training and hard work started to show in 2012 with 4th place at IM Texas, 3rd at the European Championships in Frankfurt, and 3rd at IM Arizona. Winning the Asia Pacific Championships at IM Melbourne (March 2013) and the European Championships in Frankfurt (July 2014) have been significant steps forward in my development as an athlete.  

As exciting as these achievements are, I'm confident that with more work and continued dedication, as well as the support from the UPlace-BMC team and our sponsors, I can continue to improve my performances.